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Sink or Swim

Actualize Your Dreams

I am extremely passionate about helping others grow their dreams and their knowledge. I couldn’t be happier to have turned my purpose into a thriving career as an attorney and business consultant.

 Here you’ll find access to pricing and contact information for my services to help you build a stronger business. We want to help you fortify your dreams and  build on a solid foundation.



Legitimize your Business

Have you have already structured your business and need some guidance on what to do next? Or are you  just starting an organization or business and feeling overwhelmed? We have a service to fulfill your needs! 

Please consider our one on one services to help guide you through some of your more difficult questions or if you are needing professional advice on how to start building your dream career or organisation. 

Laptop & Coffee

Legal Services

Quality and Efficiency

Legal advice to help you register and fully structure your business. As a licensed attorney, I am also able to represent you in legal matters that may stem from contractual disagreement and disputes. I may also provide legal advice and answer questions about a business that may already be formed or that needs to be dissolved.

We can further discuss options for representation that are not laid out in regards to civil matters and business litigation.


Committed to Helping You

Consultation & Legal advice on:

  • Business Initiation

  • Business Structures

  • Business Mediation

  • Business Entities 

  • Blockchain Compliance 

  • Proper Registration and Filings

  • Compliance and Documentation

  • Business Credit and Finance ​

Collaborating at Work

Business Organziation

 Creating Resolutions and Plans of Action

I offer services for a one on one meet ups to go over business plans and previously structured businesses. We can discuss representation, proper registration, documentation, and upkeep.

I will also meet up to discuss legal matters that may fall into different sectors of civil legal disputes and provide a limited scope of legal advice. We would move forward upon mutual agreement of time and topic.


Our Founder!

Qhaurium Douglas is a licensed Oklahoma attorney who has worked in banking, mortgage mitigation, credit repair, compliance, and the consumer law sector of legal practice. She works with clients to realize their dreams of being business owners and cultivating a solid business base. Overall, her clients are able to take control of their lives and income with us in their corner.

Qhaurium created this company to help individuals access the information and knowledge needed to properly work for themselves by using her expert guidance and advice. 



Oklahoma City, OK


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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.