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Updated: Feb 11

Hello! My name is Qhauri or Qk. I am truly grateful for all that I’ve been blessed to experience. I am in love with learning and making my community a better place.

I am an Oklahoma Licensed attorney, born and partially-raised! (Eastside). I graduated from The University Of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City University Law School. I majored in PoliSci with a focus in power, history, and economics and a double minor in Sociology/African American Studies. I specialize in business law, brand protection, contracts, business formation, and consumer protection regulations. I also got the opportunity to study at Oxford University for a Summer, it was beautiful.

I am very passionate about financial literacy and wealth-building. I am a personal finance and cryptocurrency NERD! 🤓 I worked in banking and mortgage mitigation before/during law school. I think one of the quickest ways to wealth is investing and living below your means.

I have three siblings and am the oldest! All girls! I am also half Nigerian and very proud. #WeNoDeyCarryLast. 🇳🇬

*Naija has THE BEST Jollof you will ever eat in your life - No Arguments*

I am the owner of QKI Consulting, LLC and developing more services and packages which are coming very soon! I’m so excited about the growth my company is going to see this year!

I never wanted to operate my own firm, but now see this is what I was made for. I am so excited to bring value to your timeline and business, even if you never book one service from me. I love what I’m growing here and hope y’all rock with me on the way up!





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