Brand Protection 101

Did you know your LLC does not protect your brand or offer exclusive ownership?

Brand protection is one of the biggest missteps a business owner or creative can make when starting out! Don’t allow skipping this step to cost you thousands or require you to START OVER! There are people who scour registered businesses to profit off of this mistake!

Your business entity registration does only that, it registers your business name with the state it’s filed in and creates a makeshift “articles of organization.” However, your business and your brand are NOT protected from replication or simply being snatched entirely by someone else.

In order to fully own your brand or business you MUST:





Ensure you own your DOMAIN NAME. This is needed when you create your website - there is absolutely no reason to skip A WEBSITE IN 2021. (Even if it’s not live yet!)

Monitor! You have to monitor your brand name to make sure no one is out there bidding time to make a case to own the name! There are very simple ways to do this!

Brand protection is essential for longevity. If you’re not interested in making sure your brand is secured, why start it? Make a plan to own what you’ve created with QKI Consulting, LLC TODAY because I can guarantee you someone else will.

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