Business Entities and Initiation

Updated: Feb 9

Have you ever been stressed about how to start your business or longed to start a dream, but just didn't know how? Your problem is my passion, and I know that sounds cliche, but it's the absolute truth! I believe it is my purpose to help others construct their dreams and visions via guidance and advice and obtain a solid foundation. I have seen and heard so many mistakes that people have made when starting businesses and getting their ventures off the ground, mistakes that have costed them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I want to help you overcome those obstacles without going through that struggle yourself. Now getting your dreams off the ground will not be easier, but let me help you through the beginning steps and make it as seamless as possible. Once you step out on your own it can be difficult, but it is not impossible! The Purpose of this blog spot is to help new and potential business owners have a resource and get some of their questions answers without shelling out money they don't have...yet. I want to help as many people as I can reach so I will post tidbits of valuable information or FAQs that I hear from clients from week to week. My hope is that the blog will bring some value to those who come across QKI Consulting, even if a service is not purchased.

What kind of business entity is right for you:

Sole Proprietorship - DBA - Doing Business As - this one of the cheaper routes you can take, but also the least protective. If you're small this could be a fit for you, but it leaves you very exposed when you don't have to be.

General Partnership - when two people are doing profiting of the selling of a service or good, in the state of Oklahoma you're partners. There are some nuances to this, but you don't even have to file with the sec. of state for this entity. However, to done correctly you would need to file and go through the proper procedures. Not a highly recommended way of doing business unless you have a document that makes it very specific as to what you are doing.

Limited Liability Company - The Holy Grail of business entities, truly. It gives you the protections of a corp in some ways without the hassle of all the tax implications and laws. There are procedures to be to be proper LLC, however, once that is done you are set and don't have to worry about personal liabilities as you do with the above entities.

These are just a few of the entities you can choose from and mainly the most popular. we can help you find the right fit for you or a type of entity within the above three categories that may be tailored just for your business. We are ready and willing to help you start off as strong as possible without stressing about proper initiation.

Please see our homepage and book with us today, let us save you time and stress and get you started on your dreams today!

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